Bottom Inlet/Suction Pump WATER SOLAR DC PUMP Mini Water chiller Aquarium Centrifugal Pump

Bottom Inlet/Suction Pump

JBA Curved Aquarium Tank Kits-X Series & AJ Series,Top Quality Glass(Auto level glass), Built-in LED Lighting and Filter. *** Volumfrom 2.64G(10L) to 19.8G(75L) *** Volume from 8.72G(33L) to 52.1G(95L).

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Built-in Multi-Colored LED Lighting and Filter. Volume:1.59G(6L)

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Mini Water chiller/heater

Patented Product, Noise-Free, Salt/Fresh Water Available. Easy to Operate with Digital Display Panel. Low Voltage, Low Current, No Electric Leakage at any time.

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Centrifugal Pump

JBA Pumps Compact, Powerful Water Flow, Low Energy Consumption, Easy to Operate. Maxium 36 Volts and Less Wattage draw. Quiet, Storm Mode/Feed Mode Available.

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Company History


JBA Pump Co.,Ltd. was founded in a great
man's hometown--the important business
town in the North of Zhongshan.


JBA Pump Co., Ltd. has become the top
five in Aquarium field.


JBA Pump Co., Ltd. started exporting
its Aquarium Heaters in large quantity
to Singapore, Australia, and other countries..


JBA Pump Co., Ltd. has gained recognitions
and got certified from UL/GS/VDE/CE/PSE